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You read that right!

In the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many establishments in Wisconsin have closed their doors for the unforeseeable future.  Dream Day Entertainment relies on these venues to be open and full of patrons for us to entertain everyone and make a living.  While our financial future is at risk every month these businesses are closed, we have decided to evolve and do our second most favorite thing in the world.... hang out with dogs!  

If you are stuck at work, working from home, or watching your kids and you can't find the time for your pup, send us a message.  We will come to your door and meet your pup outside.  We offer walks or even dog park trips to wear out your furry friends so they nap when they get home and have some sweet dreams.  

Our Core Services



Q: My senior dog has mobility issues. Do you offer shorter walks to make them more comfortable?

We sure do!  We have experience with puppies and pups living in their golden years.  We can help you figure out a plan that works best for them!

Q: My dog has leash aggression. Do you know how to handle that?

We take care of other dogs with the same leash aggression.  We would advise your dog walks alone with no other dogs.  If we see another dog coming on the walk, we simply go in a different direction.  

Q: What is required for a dog park trip?

It would be advised that you pick up a dog park license for Dane County Parks if you don't have one already.  We also advise against a dog park trip if your dog has any aggression issues with other dogs.  If your dog does, there are other places we can take them to get their energy out with no other dogs around.  

Q: My dog is in great health. Is there anything that you require before we sign up?

We always like to know that your dog is on a flea & tick preventative and they are up to date on their heart worm medicine.  Please inform us of any health issues, allergies, or quirks they may have.  For example, leash pulling or barking at strangers.  The more we know about them, the more comfortable we can keep them when they are with us.  

Q: how many dogs do you walk or take to the park at a time?

We can walk up to two dogs at a time as long as those dogs know each other and get along.  We try to limit the dog park trips to two dogs per trip.  The dogs have to know each other or get along before we will take them together.  

Q: What precautions do you take during the pandemic?

We always wash our hands multiple times per day.  When we show up to your house, we will wait for you to bring the dog outside to us so we aren't entering your isolation zone.  We use our own leash and have latex gloves and sanitization wipes with us at all times.  If you insist that we enter your home to grab your dog while you are not there, we will be quick and be sure to have our gloves on and wipe down any handles or objects we touch while we are there.  If we are feeling under the weather or ill, we will inform you right away and we will reschedule our appointments to a date to be determined later.  

Q: What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Venmo, or Paypal.

Q: I love what I see, what's the next step?

Contact us using the form below and we can check our schedule and get you on the calendar!

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